OnePlus Repair And Screen Replacement Nairobi

The OnePlus slogan is “Never Settle,” so why settle for a less than perfect smartphone repair service? If your OnePlus smartphone has a cracked screen, poor battery life, muffled audio, or another common OnePlus issue, Smartcell Technologies is here to help. We specialize in fast, dependable OnePlus smartphone repair services so that you don’t have to be without your device for long!. We pride to be the best company in Oneplus Screen Replacement Nairobi

Some common issues for phone repair include screen / LCD replacement, battery replacement and so on. All OnePlus repair costs in our shop are relatively cheaper compared to other OnePlus service centers.

How Much Does The OnePlus Repair Cost?

Our repair cost for the replacement is considerably cheaper than any other OnePlus service center hence it is wise to choose us for your repairs. And the labor fee is already included in the prices quoted before proceeding on with the repair. The repair cost all depends on the type of OnePlus repair services you need.

onePlus Screen Replacement

  • Screen replacement is a common and frustrating problem. Many of us end up with a cracked screen after dropping it, causing a faulty display.
  • How much does it cost to fix OnePlus screen? It all depends on the model of your phone. Sometimes if the display is not working and you need a LCD replacement, the pricing will be slightly higher.
  • Replacing a cracked screen is possible only if the OnePlus touch responsiveness is still functional and the display or LCD DOES NOT have lines or marks. If the OnePlus screen touch is unresponsive, you may need to replace both the cracked screen and LCD instead of only the cracked screen.

onePlus Back Glass Replacement

  • The back glass parts our OnePlus service center uses has a longer lifespan and is considerably cheaper .
  • The OnePlus back glass replacement is for those OnePlus whose back glass has a noticeable crack.
  • Make sure the OnePlus screen display or LCD DOES NOT have any lines or black marks and the phone powers on and charges normally.
  • If the phone doesn’t charge when plugged in with a power supply. There may be no display because your charging port is also faulty.

onePlus Battery Replacement

  • Our OnePlus service center also uses battery replacement that is A grade and equivalent to the original. The OnePlus battery repair cost in our shop is cheap which completes within 30 minutes.
  • It is normal if your OnePlus battery life does not last long after a period of time due to deteriorating.
  • The number of charges on your device has exceeded 365 times (translates to charging once a day for one year).
  • If the OnePlus cannot power on or battery percentage does not increase despite showing that it is charging. You may need a charging port replacement.

OnePlus Charging Port Replacement

  • Charging port replacement is a simple process which completes within 30 minutes. This phone repair cost in our service center is also cheaper.
  • If your phone cannot be charged, there’s no charging icon when plugged in or only starts charging at a certain angle, then this replacement is for you.
  • Sometimes the microphone of the device is not working due to malfunction on the charging port because the charging port board includes the microphone as well.
  • Make sure you tested that your OnePlus doesn’t charge even with a working cable and it was working and fully powered prior to this.
  • If the device heats up despite being idle, the issue may lie with a faulty battery. Be on the lookout for a bloated battery in this case and get the battery replaced ASAP.

OnePlus Camera Replacement

  • Our OnePlus camera replacements ( lens, front and rear ) are Grade A which is equivalent to the original.
  • This OnePlus repair is for you if your camera has a broken lens, there are blurry spots on the picture you took using either the back or front camera and there are cracks on the lens.
  • There are times the camera app freezes after you snap a photo. This issue is mostly related to the motherboard instead of the camera. Sometimes this issue is also related to water damage done on the phone.

OnePlus Motherboard Repair

  • OnePlus Motherboard repair is very challenging and hard to fix properly because most repair service centers in Kenya do not have the skill to fix it. Their cost for the repair is much more expensive as well. Our technicians are experts in the field and we can solve most common motherboard hardware problems including:
    Audio IC, Power IC, U2 IC, Touch IC, Touch disease repair, shorted motherboard, hard disk, NAND IC and charging issues.
  • Depending on which parts require repair, your chances of data recovery will be the highest Smartcelltech. Our skilled technicians will ensure that your data is intact as much as possible.
  • Do note that: Motherboard Replacement will 100% cause data loss, while Motherboard Repair may not. As far as possible, vouch for repairing instead of a replacement to secure your phone’s data.
  • The quoted price is for Motherboard Repair only. OnePlus motherboard replacement is very expensive and not worth it despite which service center you opt for.

OnePlus Water Damage Repair

  • Water corrosion is the worst repair. One reason being, it is difficult to estimate the repair cost. We can only diagnose the degree of damage your phone sustained in our service center. While a little splash may not damage your phone, most smartphones cannot survive even 10 minutes in the rain.
  • Note that the phone repair cost includes chemical wash only. It does NOT include repair cost for OnePlus spoiled parts replacement. A chemical wash will lengthen the lifespan of your phone. Do not leave your OnePlus phone un-serviced after coming into contact with water – the symptoms may appear after some time.
  • If you prefer having a faster OnePlus repair, we are your best choice!
  • Do note that water damage repair is most effective if it briefly drops into freshwater. If your OnePlus was dropped into seawater or salt water, the chances of successful repair are slim in this case.


All of smartcell technologies OnePlus repairs come with a three month warranty as standard to give you peace of mind and confidence.