We specialize in the repair of all makes and models of laptops.

We’ve decided to bring our identity back up to date and more into line with today’s needs by adopting new services. Our company has grown consistently year after year and now includes business support service and laptop and PC repair and upgrade.

We are committed to giving our customers higher levels of satisfaction – with a faster turnaround driven by our new workshop management programme and better value from our updated and transparent pricing policy.

Our services in laptop repairs

This are some of the services we offer in laptop repairs;

Laptop screen repairs

A broken or damaged screen does not have to mean the end of your laptop’s life. With replacement screen prices now at an all time low, we can simply fit a new screen at a fraction of the cost of a new laptop.

Power socket replacement

Normally caused by moving or dropping the laptop whilst still connected to the mains adaptor, we remove the old socket and replace with a brand new one, using our advanced soldering station.

Keyboard repair/replace

Laptop keyboards can fail or malfunction for many reasons – from lost or damaged keys to the accidents. Most keyboard faults can usually be corrected simply and quickly and, even when a new keyboard is required, at a reasonable cost.

Hard drive replacement

Laptops are designed to be portable, but moving them around whilst powered up can play havoc with the internal hard drive.We carry stock of a range of laptop hard drives and can carry out this repair in a professional and speedy manner.

System reload

We will re-load your computer with your original software and configure all hardware with the latest drivers, updates, service packs and patches and leave you with a fully functional and updated tool.

Motherboard repairs

Motherboard faults often seem to result in a recommendation to replace, rather than repair – unfortunately this type of repair can often exceed the cost of a new laptop. We will always try to repair motherboards, by replacing components and resolving many of the most frequent problems.

Need assistance when at home?

Are you at home tired and need assistance at your own home’s comfort? Talk to us and request an assistance.

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Here's Some Of Our Clients Feedback

Sent my Lenovo Thinkpad for screen replacement via G4S. Got it back the following day looking impeccable. So pleased.

Elizabeth Mwania

They were very professional and helpful. My Laptop is good as new after the motherboard replacement. I am a happy satisfied customer.

Emily Mutua

Good customer service, good value, responsive and professionalism... Thanks

Billie Giggs

Fixed my HP elite book screen in one hour. What more would you want.👌👌

Margaret wanjiku