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A phone is something we need every day, almost every time. When there are some issues and mobile phone repair is required, we are here at your service to get the issues solved within minutes.  Let it be related to screen replacement, battery replacement, virus removal,  A damaged camera? Display issues? Or software problems? or any similar issue, our expert team is there to help you with any kind of problem. We perform phone repair service on all major smartphones brands i.e HTC, iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, Tecno, Infinix, LG, Motorola, Oppo, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Redmi, Oneplus and Google Pixel at our store in the CBD Nairobi Kenya.

 Let it be anything regarding your Android phone repair or iPhones repair &Tablets we are there to solve all your repair issues,

What We Do

Here are some of the services that we offer.


Mobile Phone Screen Replacement

Broken LCD screens are a common occurrence in phones, a small bump or drop is all it can take. At our store, we are equipped to deal with these little emergencies, and can normally fix broken LCD screens the same day your phone arrives to us

Mobile phone Battery replacement Service

On some phones, it’s not easy to change the battery. We now offer our expert fitting services to fit a new battery in your phone

Phone Microphone Repair/Replacement Service

When people cannot hear you when you are speaking to them, this is normally because your microphone is worn out or damaged. We can replace the microphone and the charging block in many phones

Phone Boot Repair Service

Use this service to repair the boot and software on your dead phones. We can repair dead phones when the boot has been damaged due to bad unlock, or general software / CPU failure. This work is needed when the phone is completely dead and cannot be flashed as you cannot connect to it via USB any more.

Phone Speaker & Earpiece Repair/Replacement Service

When you cannot hear the caller when they are speaking this is because the earpiece in your phone is worn out, damaged or broken. Also if your phone won’t make a sound when its ringing, this is because your loudspeaker is worn out, damaged or broken. We can replace these speakers in many handsets and fix your phone.

Phone Buzzer / Vibrating Motor Repair Service

Your phone is not vibrating on an incoming call?Use this service to repair a broken Buzzer / Vibrating Motor on your phone

our location

Kenyatta Avenue, Phoenix House, 2nd Floor, Left Wing, Suite No 4. (Phoenix house / Java House is the same building as the Safaricom shop Kenyatta Avenue,and next to Uganda House)

Working Hours
Pick up and delivery services

We offer delivery services for your phone or laptop, so you can send your package to us from the comfort of your home or office without interrupting your job or house chores. Contact Us to access this service.

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Why Choose Us

Our services are outstanding,unique and offered at the best interest of our clients.

Expert Technicians

Our technicians are well trained and offer the best services ensuring your phone is repaired and gets back to you in one piece

Experience Skills

Our Phone Repair Technicians are experts and have more than 5 years of experience in this industry

Guarantee Service

Your phone is in good hands once it is delivered to Smartcell Technologies. You can be assured that your phone will be repaired

Trusted Work

You can trust us with your phone and our services because we are the best in town

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Here's some of our clients feedback

it's not once or twice that I had gone to other companies for my phone to be repaired only to lose my phone because of bad repairing skills.. But ever since I changed my company to Smartcell,guess what??av never been dissapointed and the best thing being that I have a 7 day warrant after the repair meaning that if there's any problem within the 7 days, then the company will be accountable without any cost....I JUST LOVE SMARTCELL TECHNOLOGIES!!! keep up the quality of work

Erickson Scarlet

Excellent service. They understand client needs and work hard to deliver the best quality and value.

Arnold Odhis

These guys are the best. reasonably priced as compared to others, took my iPhone for screen and battery replacement now good as new.

mike mugo

Excellent phone repairs, speedy services responsive and professional services. I would recommend Smartcell Technologies for satisfactory and timely phone repairs services. If you are looking for excellent services, Smartcell Technologies are the guys to visit.

Moses Kiama